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ScumBlaster Concentrate  - ScumBlaster Concentrate Gallon

ScumBlaster™ is the most effective Tub & Tile Cleaner you will ever use. More than a bathroom cleaner, it can be used wherever hard water deposits or soap scum are a problem. Dull surfaces become shiny and squeaky clean. ScumBlaster™ is comparable in strength to muriatic acid, yet it is safe to use. The ScumBlaster™ formulation is non corrosive environmentally friendly, non-fuming, and safe for septic tanks. ScumBlaster™ is an organic salt that was developed as a safe replacement for traditional acids in home and industrial applications. Deep cleans grout. Contains no bleach or corrosive acids. Dilution 1:5 (Makes 6 gallons)

Fabric Cleaner is also SoilBlaster - (Gallon & Gallon Concentrate)

SoilBlaster Carpet, Rug, Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner For office, auto boat and home. Cleans water based and oiled spills and stains from carpet, rugs, upholstery, and other water safe fabrics. This product protects as it cleans. PH-balanced formula that contains ForceField Soil and Stain Repellent. Approved for use on stain resistant carpets and wool furnishings products. Excellent, for spotter extraction and spin bonnet cleaning.

Pet SpotBlaster - Pet SpotBlaster™ Quart & Gallon

Specifically designed for use on carpets. Forcefield® Pet SpotBlaster™ combines three distinct chemical actions: stain neutralizer, odor neutralization, and anti-resoiling. While many stain cleaners contain damaging oxidizing agents that can bleach the color of the carpet or upholstery along with the stain, Pet SpotBlaster™ uses a different approach. A special stain-reducing agent eliminates stains without affecting the color of the fiber. The odor neutralizer actually binds to the odors, preventing them from entering the air. And, finally, a special polymer has been incorporated into this product to prevent resoiling. This polymer actually blocks the sites where soils and stains attach to the fibers, acting as a resoiling barrier.
ifoam® Screen Cleaner - ifoam® Screen Cleaner 2.5oz

Ifoam® is specially formulated to remove dust, dirt, grime and finger prints from all electronic screens & keypads. Nondrip foam dries without streaking, leaves no residue and will not spread to internal components. Perfect for cell phones, navigation systems, touch screens, music/video players, laptops, plasma TV screens, LCD TV screens, Handheld video games & PDAs. Environmentally friendly. Includes reusable micro fiber cloth.

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